About Us

High Country Creations was founded in Brisbane, Australia by outdoor enthusiast Jacob Fanning. On his many travels, hikes, climbs, and adventures, he became disappointed in wasting money on gear that would let him down. From this grew a passion to create products that would push the boundaries in quality and longevity and inspire people to explore the outdoors.

We believe that the outdoors is more than just a hobby: it’s a lifestyle. It’s about connecting with the people and the landscape around you. Discovering new places, new adventures, and new relationships.

We use the word “Creations” in our name because our products are more than just another item. We strive to create products that not only enable you, but inspire you to go further, climb higher, and connect with this beautiful world. Whether you’re traveling, hiking, climbing, or just having a picnic; our products will be equally at home and become part of your life. These high standards that we place on our products means that you receive products that you will be able to enjoy for a lifetime.